Giving Back


One of our main goals at Cloverdale Organics is to help educate others about the physical and emotional benefits of practicing self care organic, sustainably sourced,  and all natural personal care products.  I was 29 years old before I truly understood or even began to learn about the concept of self care in 2014, one year after my father passed away from cancer (read more about my story here).   

While 29 might seem like a young enough age to develop healthy self care habits, I believe that it's never too early to cultivate good self care practices that will support you throughout your life.  This is why we work with Donors Choose  to help support and make donations to area schools where many of the children come from low - income households and would never know or learn anything about self care and the benefits were it not for caring teachers like the ones below.

Each and every one of your sales helps us to continue our commitment to help educate others about self care.  So thank you for your support as we work to support others.  We appreciate each and every one of you, our loyal customers and fans!


Our Favorite Responses!

kids yoga mat exercise downward facing dog
Dear Cloverdale Organics,

Thank you so very much for your amazing and generous donations. It has been a pleasure to use the equipment your donations provided to teach my students some basic yoga skills. Additionally we have talked about how it helps without mindfulness and relieving stress in positive and healthy ways. So far, the students have really enjoyed doing the yoga as a finish to our classes. As we progress, I hope to fully do a yoga unit for the students. Once again, thank you very much for your donations.
— With gratitude, Mr. Allen
kids book club reading chicken soup book series
Dear Cloverdale Organics,

My heart is smiling to know that there are such AMAZING people that were willing to help my students enhance their social/emotional functioning. I’m so pumped to see the smiles, wipe the tears and hear the roars of laughter when my students get to utilize the therapeutic books and games that YOU help to fund. I can’t wait to share the pictures and notes from my students showing how much these tools will be greatly appreciated.
— With gratitude, Ms. P.
essential oil diffuser for kids
Dear Cloverdale Organics,

Thanks to generous donations from people such as yourself I am able to supply my classroom with some amazing items that will add so much to our classroom atmosphere and hopefully increase our overall classroom performance.

Again, thank you so much! I am so thankful we have such caring people in the world.
— With gratitude, Ms. Moure