Petroleum jelly-based lip balm is  as old as time. Vaseline and Carmex are two that come to mind first, but did you know that they really aren’t that great? Here’s why:  

1.     Petrolatum, the main ingredient in petroleum jelly, is derived from the leftovers of oil refining.

2.     Chemicals in petrolatum have “been found to cause tumors in laboratory animals exposed to its key ingredient” according to the EPA.

3.     Although petroleum jelly is allegedly manufactured in a way where all of the bad stuff gets weeded out, there’s no way to actually tell if it is.

4.     Petroleum jelly doesn’t actually moisturize. It feels like it’s moisturizing due to its consistency, but it’s really just creating a seal over the skin like plastic wrap.

5.    The “external-use only” warning for petroleum jelly products like Vaseline means it shouldn’t even be absorbed into skin so never put it around your nose during a cold or on an open cut/sore.

What should you use instead? Lip balms with moisturizing oils like coconut, shea butter, beeswax, or cocoa butter etc.  Try our coconut oil and she butter based Lavender + Mint Lip Balm so a super moisturizing and safe option!

Perryn Ford