Thanks to the #bombcyclone and these extremely cold temps the last couple of weeks, my lips have been the driest, most cracked, and peeling they have ever been in my life.  It's so bad, that I scheduled a dermatologist appointment to make sure it I didn't have some flesh eating bacteria. Fortunately not, but I wouldn't wish this level of dryness on anyone!  

Here are 9 tips to help with your dry skin this season:

1. Exfoliate: I bet you were expecting moisturize to be the first tip, however, moisturizing works best on exfoliated skin. Exfoliate twice a week or so to get rid of all that dry winter skin.

2. Moisturize: This may seem like a no-brainer but don’t just focus on creams and lotions. Use deeply moisturizing oils all over like coconut or almond oil. The best time to moisturize is after bathing and right before bed, in addition to other times of course.

3. Use oils for facial cleansing: Oils for the face have great results. If you normally use a harsh facial cleanser that leaves you feeling dry, replace that until spring (or forever).

4. Take shorter showers: In addition to that, use lukewarm water and a gentle body cleanser.

5. Pamper yourself with facial steams and hydrating masks.  One of our favorite hydrating masks is to mix coconut oil, coconut oil, turmeric, and aloe vera gel!

6. Take an oatmeal bath: Blend 1 cup of dry oatmeal in a blender or food processor until it’s a powder thin enough to dissolve in water. Add to bath (temperature of your choice) and relax for 20 minutes.  Moisturize afterwards while still damp. This method is mild enough to do a few times a week.

7. Take a bath with your favorite oil from olive to coconut oil.  Since taking baths helps to open your pores, adding oils in your bath helps your skin to increase oil absorption, hydration, and reduce dryness.

8. Don’t forget the scalp: Depending on your hair type, find the best conditioning treatment for your scalp to prevent dryness or flakes. Applying a mix of avocado, lemon juice and honey for 30 minutes before washing is my favorite. Vitamin E and coconut oil hair treatments work great too.

9. Eat right and stay hydrated: Eating foods high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin c will help your body maintain a healthy moisture balance and drinking plenty of water is a year-round must.

Happy winter! 

Perryn Ford