In the last couple of years I’ve come to realize, value, and devote more of myself to creating new experiences and memories.  This new found appreciation is largely in part to shifting my focus away from material possessions and focusing more on creating, loving, being happy, and just being. While I am not quite the extreme minimalist, I have significantly scaled back in the amount of possessions I own, the amount of money I frivolously spend, and time wasted.  As a result I feel lighter, less bogged down, and less stressed. And these are just a few of the benefits! So we’re sharing more ways practicing minimalism can help you get more out of your days, weeks, and life!

1. Spending Less - Part of practicing minimalism means only acquiring what you need. When your only purchasing what you need, you tend to be more mindful of the things you purchase and more likely to steer clear of buying things that you don’t need. 

2. Less Stressed - Owning less means less clutter and cleaner spaces.  Clutter is a form of visual stress.  By decluttering through minimalism, you are literally getting rid of the visual stress and overwhelm in your life.

3. More Freedom - Ultimately, owning less things means having lower expenses. Having lower expenses means you have more freedom to do things that you want to do, as opposed to working that job you hate in exchange for those golden handcuffs ( bigger house, bigger car) that you don’t really need!

4. Be More Productive - Owning less means less distractions and more time to be productive and creative.

5. No More Fomo! - If your killing it in the minimalist lifestyle game, then benefits #1 - 4 will ultimately tie into no more fomo! When you own less, are less stressed, busy being free and productive, then you have less interest and time to focus on what you may be missing out on.

6. Quality Over Quantity - Owning and spending less means having more to spend on real value building assets.  So go ahead, take that once in a lifetime, around the work vacation!

7. Live In The Moment - If your living a minimalist life, chances are your not still hanging on to your ex-boyfriend’s old holey t-shirt.  Basically, being minimalist makes letting go of the past and living in the present a little bit easier.

Perryn Ford