Every week we’ll feature one of our favorite essential oils or herbs and tips on how to incorporate it into your beauty and wellness practices! To start, we picked one that is our all-around, tried and true fave! Tea tree oil is what coconut oil wishes it could be. ACTUALLY good for everything!

Here are a few ways we use Tea Tree oil to improve our healthy and beauty:

1. Thank to its anti – bacterial, anti – fungal, and anti – microbial properties, tea tree oil is a great remedy to treat an ear infection through steam inhalation therapy.  Add a few drops in a bowl of boiled water, place your face 5 to 6 inches about the bowl, cover your head and bowl with towel to trap steam, inhale the steam deeply and slowly for 5 to 10 minutes or until water begins to cool. For quicker results and relief try doing this twice a day until symptoms subside!

2. To upgrade your daily oil pulling routine, add a single drop of tea tree oil to your coconut oil. Tea tree oil’s properties will help to freshen your breath and improve your overall oral health.

3. To alleviate dandruff or dry, flaky scalp add a several drops to your shampoo or conditioner.

4. Sanitize your home with tea tree oil by using it to remove mold from unsightly places. 

Perryn Ford