Sun Protection Gummies? Everything You Need to Know About Sundots

Chances are you know how important it is to apply your sunscreen daily… but chances also are that you aren’t a fan. Whether it’s making your face shiny, leaving white marks, breaking you out, or making everything smell like “beach,” many people dislike, or even hate, SPF. Which is why when we heard about sun protection gummies… well, we had to know what that was all about!

We’d like to introduce you to the sun protection gummies that could potentially help you banish SPF from your daily skincare routine. A new brand called Sundots claims to bring your daily sun protection via the childhood favorite form of gummies. Don’t toss all your sunscreen, yet though… there is a lot of contention around what, why, and how sun protection gummies work, if they even do! Here is everything you need to know about Sundots, the beauty market’s new sun protection gummies.

What are sun protection gummies?

Sun protection gummies such as Sundots are meant to provide your daily sun protection orally rather than topically. Sundots are the first ever gummies for sun protection. Sun damage is the main cause of both skin cancer and skin aging, so it is incredibly important to protect yourself. Sunscreen is often not enough to protect you, due to people’s dislike of sunscreen, plus its tendency to run off in water or sweat. That is why researchers have been trying to develop a sun protection gummy.

Sun protection gummies active ingredient: Polypodium Leucotomos

How do sun protection gummies work? It all depends on one special ingredient: Polypodium Leucotomos. This is the extract of a fern which has been studied in multiple clinical trials. Results show that this fern extract, when taken orally, can reduce damage from UVA rays. There is not conclusive evidence on how exactly Polypodium Leucotomos works, but it is believed its sun protecting ability is due to antioxidant effects.

Do sun protection gummies work?

Pop a gummy and be protected from the sun all day. Sounds too good to be true? That might be because it is. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Sundots and the idea of sun protection gummies in general. The main reason behind this is because there is no research on Sundots. Instead, Sundots uses previous research on Polypodium Leucotomos to support its lofty claims. Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner points out how problematic this is, saying “effectiveness depends on formulation…one brand containing the ingredient may be very different than another brand.” Clinical trials are necessary to know if Sundots will actually protect you from the sun. 

Furthermore, sun protection gummies may just be useful as supplements to your existing sunscreen regimen, rather than replacements. Another dermatologist, Dr. Friedman, points out that Sundots’ suspicious use of existing research may be an “attempt to benefit from the supportive data in Heliocare, a plant-derived oral supplement to be used with sunscreen, not in its place.” So even if sun protection gummies prove to be effective, you may not be throwing away your sunscreen. 

What do you think? Have you ever tried sun protection gummies?


Sarah Bence