Here are 3 ways Cloverdale Organics has joined the zero waste beauty craze

The zero waste beauty craze is sweeping the world, and at Cloverdale Organics we are happy to be a part of it! Our mission is to provide all natural and sustainable beauty products for women who want to look good, feel good, and do good while on the go. This fits in perfectly with the zero waste movement that encourages people to take charge of their consumer decisions, promote sustainability, and help our environment!

The zero waste movement is especially important in the beauty industry, where products are normally not sold in large batches. Tons of packaging (literally, tons) are used and discarded each year, only to end up in giant landfills or floating garbage “islands” that pollute our precious oceans. 

As part of this industry, it is important to us at Cloverdale Organics to stay true to our mission and join the zero waste beauty craze! Here are three ways that we are following through:

1. Changing packaging materials

Packaging is the number one way that the beauty industry is contributing to the over production of waste in the world. Because of this, Cloverdale Organics will be switching to new packaging that is not only easier to recycle, but also more sustainable. This means we are conscious that the production methods of our packaging are not damaging the environment in any way.

Our packaging will now be made of paperboard, glass, and hemp materials which are all recyclable. The paperboard packaging will also be compostable.

2. Less packaging

What’s a one up to recyclable packaging? No packaging! Obviously as Cloverdale Organics sells liquids such as serums and oils we do need packaging, but we are doing our best to reduce our total packaging! This means that we are pledging to remove all unnecessary packaging from our shipped orders. 

3.  Bottle recycling program

Perhaps one of our most exciting changes is the introduction of the Cloverdale Organics bottle recycling program! When customers send us three empty Cloverdale Organics containers, they will save 10% off their next purchase. This is a great way to participate in the zero waste beauty movement, and save some money at the same time… win, win!

Moving forward with Cloverdale Organics…

We are excited about these changes and hope you are, too! As a company that aims to provide organic, holistic, and sustainable solutions for women’s beauty and wellbeing, we believe it is our duty to bring this ethos to our environment, too. 

We challenge you to join us on this zero waste beauty craze!


Sarah Bence