Long Term Travel Self Care Tips

Have you ever considered long term travel? Recent travel trends show that people are hopping on a jet plane and… not coming back. Travel trends for 2018 show an increase in long term travel through being a ‘digital nomad’ (ie taking your full-time job on the road with you). Personally, I long term traveled through Europe last year. While it may look like the dream life on Instagram, I can tell you there is one big thing people are forgetting: Health. Taking care of yourself is much harder without home comforts, routine, and access to regular doctor visits. I learned the hard way… becoming incredibly sick after long term travel, something I am still dealing with to this day! That is why long term travel self care is so important. Here are some of my top tips for long term self care, and how you can stay healthy on the road!

Long term travel self care tips for your next adventure

1. Take your vitamins

I discuss this more in our post on travel as self care, but being on the road long term can really mess with your body. Your diet completely changes, in addition to the stress of new environments, and it becomes harder to digest and absorb vitamins. I recommend adding a daily multivitamin to your routine, in addition to keeping up your normal vitamin/supplement regimen. Take a cute vitamin travel pack with you to help remember… you can shop my personal favorite here.

2. Keep up with your exercise routine

Chances are, you’re more likely to exercise when you’re at home. If you’re constantly moving from place to place, your long term travel self care habits can really fall by the wayside, in particular your exercise routine. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself… from boosting endorphins, helping with digestion, keeping you toned, and more. Some of my favorite tips for exercising and keeping up that long term travel self care are:

  • Using resistance bands (lightweight and easy to travel with!)
  • Walking instead of taking public transport
  • Taking local yoga classes or packing a travel mat
  • Wearing an odometer watch to track your runs

3. Stay in touch with family and friends… but not too much

A big part of long term travel self care is the social aspect. Even if you aren’t traveling solo, it can often feel isolating to be on the road for so long. You will start to miss your family and friends back home, and even the friends you make while traveling can’t replace those lifelong relationships you left behind. In my experience, there is a delicate balance between staying in touch with family and friends, and staying too in touch. If you speak to your family and friends every day, you will actually make yourself miss them more. You will constantly be thinking of them, and end up missing out on the great place you are in. Instead, try to schedule a regular time to facetime your family or friends. Personally, I facetimed my family each Sunday and texted throughout the week, which let me keep in touch but also enjoy where I was and who I was with!

Have you ever experienced long term travel self care burnout? Have any of your own tips for long term travel self care? Let us know in the comments!


Sarah Bence