Refreshingly Clean Shower Powder: 3 Ways to Use it While Traveling

It seems to be an age-old struggle for travelers. No matter how securely you tighten the lid, your shower gel, body wash, and shampoo always have a tendency to leak in transit. One little known reason this seems to always happen is due to pressure changes. As your airplane takes flight, the pressure in the luggage hold changes and your liquids will expand. Which leads to leaking, if not exploding, of your body wash all over the rest of your luggage. The easiest solution to this? Dry shower powder, such as our refreshingly clean shower powder specifically designed for travel

How to use the refreshingly clean shower powder

If you’ve never used a dry shower powder before, and are reluctant to give it a try, we understand! We’ve created a video tutorial to prove how easy it is to use our refreshingly clean shower powder. If you want even more inspiration, here are three ways to use it while traveling:

1. For a shower

Of course, you can use the refreshingly clean shower powder in the shower. This is maybe the easiest way to use it during travel! All you need to do is add water and the dry shower powder will quickly start to suds. We recommend sprinkling some refreshingly clean shower powder on a loofah or one of our 100% sustainable wash cloths. After that, just add water and lather up!


2. For a detoxifying bath

If you’re lucky enough to be staying somewhere with a bath tub, why not indulge in some self care after a long day of exploring? You can sprinkle the refreshingly clean shower powder in a bath to create a mild bubble bath. Either use the powder directly in the water or apply to skin for a refreshing, soothing experience! The kelp powder binds to toxins and detoxifies, while the aloe vera and eucalyptus powder carry anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to give yourself a refreshing, natural clean.


3. As a clarifying shampoo

Shower gels aren’t the only exploding toiletries in your carry-on… shampoo is also a common culprit. Luckily, the refreshingly clean shower powder can perform double duty as a clarifying shampoo! Filled with organic and natural ingredients, it will have your hair shining in no time. The grapefruit peel powder in particular contains Vitamin C that will keep your hair glossy and help slough away dead skin cells and dandruff. Just suds up the powder in your hands with some water, and apply to your hair.

Pack the refreshingly clean shower powder on your next trip, and avoid the inevitable exploded-body-wash-in-suitcase scenario every veteran traveler knows so well! 




Sarah Bence