Raise Your Beauty Care Frequency With a Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Chances are, you’ve heard of jade rollers, touted all across the wellness scene. But what about the jade roller’s lesser known cousin… the rose quartz facial roller? Although the rose quartz facial roller seems to have avoided the outpouring of media attention that jade rollers have received, it still carries a myriad number of benefits. Perhaps, even more than any other roller, and all thanks to the unique properties of rose quartz itself. Curious about the rose quartz facial roller, and how it can help your skin?

Rose quartz facial roller: The secret is in the vibrations!

For eons (dating back thousands of years to the ancient Sumerians), people have been drawn to crystals for their supposed healing properties. It is said that crystals source their healing abilities from unique vibrational frequencies. Although there isn’t much data to back this up, there are thousands of years worth of people who have used crystals. In fact, the theories of energy medicine, and the tenets of modern physics, support this. Crystals, as with all objects, emit a vibrational frequency that affects other objects surrounding it. This can be manipulated and used in the healing process.

What is special about rose quartz’s vibrational frequency, though? Rose quartz is created over millions of years due to intense heat and pressure. This creates the soft pink silicon dioxide mineral that we know as rose quartz. Thanks to this time, heat, and pressure, however, rose quartz retains a certain vibrational level. In comparison to other crystals, rose quartz rests at a higher vibrational frequency, which is said to be matched with the heart chakra, and promote love and openness.

Why you should use a rose quartz facial roller for your skin

It was believed by the ancient Egyptians that rose quartz has anti-aging properties. Others proclaim that rose quartz opens the heart, balances yin-yang energy, and more, all thanks to its unique vibrational frequency. 

Even if this is all pseudoscience, studies show that the placebo effect from crystals is a powerful thing! Purely from a physical standpoint, the pressure of the rose quartz facial roller will aid in reducing inflammation, promoting detoxification, reducing puffiness, lymphatic drainage, and distributing creams.

How a rose quartz facial roller will improve your skin

To use a rose quartz facial roller, treat it the same as any other facial roller. You want to apply your toner and moisturizer, and ideally use your roller before bedtime. Start by rolling along your neck, in a downward motion. This helps the lymphatic fluid that collects in the nodes around your jaw and ears to distribute. Then, move on to rolling your face. Roll each side of your face separately, starting with your forehead. Try to roll in outward, slightly upward movements. Do that same thing with your right and left cheeks. Use the smaller side of the roller around your eyes and nose.

Have you ever tried crystal healing, or a rose quartz facial roller?

Sarah Bence