Seaweed Skin Benefits: What’s With Kelp?

You may have heard that it’s healthy to eat seaweed, but have you heard of seaweed skin benefits? It turns out that seaweed is an incredible way to boost skin health, not just on the face but all over your body!

Where does seaweed get its superpowers from? Seaweed is loaded with antioxidants and minerals. In particular, kelp can be extremely hydrating, remove toxins, and have anti-inflammatory properties.


Seaweed skin benefits: Moisturizing

It makes sense that seaweed is so hydrating because, well, it comes from the most hydrated place on earth. But it’s not the “sea” in seaweed that makes it so moisturizing… it’s the fat! Yes, seaweed is full of essential fatty acids. These act as powerful moisturizing agents by not only hydrating the skin, but holding in the moisture by strengthening the epidermis.


Seaweed skin benefits: Removes toxins

Kelp has the ability to remove toxins by binding to them both on the skin and within the body. By detoxifying the body, your skin will begin to glow and you may even lose excess weight! Some studies show that the iodine in kelp detoxifies free radicals. Kelp is also particularly high in alginates compared to other seaweeds. Alginates bind to heavy metals and radioactive substances… definitely toxins you don’t want in your body!


Seaweed Skin Benefits: Anti-inflammatory

Seaweed, in particular kelp, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties thanks to a complex carbohydrate called fucoidan. If you suffer from skin inflammation such as acne (not just on your face, but the common culprits of chest and back acne too), kelp could be a savior for you. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, kelp calms angry and inflamed skin, whether it’s from acne, rashes, or other reasons. 


How to get seaweed skin benefits

There are many ways to get seaweed skin benefits, whether it is ingesting seaweed or applying it topically. However, some recommend against using seaweed supplements because they are not FDA-approved and may contain unhealthy levels of iodine. Here are our favorite ways to safely use kelp:

  • Refreshingly Clean Shower Powder. This is our favorite way to apply seaweed, all over the body! Our Refreshingly Clean Shower Powder is loaded with kelp powder to promote hydration, and to reduce inflammation and toxin levels. Just add water!
  • Eat it! Seaweed is very tasty once you acquire a taste for it. Some of our favorite seaweed rich foods are sushi and miso soup (as a bonus, this is also probiotic-rich!). Look for Asian, specifically Japanese, dishes and recipes as seaweed is a big ingredient. 

Did you know seaweed had so many skin benefits? What’s your favorite seaweed recipe? We’d love to know!





Sarah Bence