3 Reasons Why We Love Traveling Solo

Have you ever tried solo travel? If not, start looking at Google Flights and add this to your bucket list right now. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a round the world trip, we believe everyone should try solo travel at least once.

My solo travel story

It is hard for me to remember the first time I tried solo travel, because I eased myself into it. There were a couple flights to England to visit my boyfriend. Then a layover in Madrid by myself before meeting up with another set of friends. There was a trip to Norway… which I didn’t consider ‘by myself’ because I had plans to meet up with Norwegian friends along the way. I didn’t find any of these trips frightening, because I never called them ‘solo travel’ to myself. Instead, I made up excuses. Of course, I planned that solo layover in Madrid because I wanted to see the city, not because I had to do it in order to meet up with my friends. One day, chatting to another traveler and comparing trips, I realized I had become a seasoned solo traveler without even realizing it. 

Nowadays, I’m traveling with more intention. I wanted to go to Amsterdam, so I did! And because I was alone, I got to wander the canals listening to the Diary of Anne Frank on audiobook, something I’ll remember forever. I’ve hopped on flights to Iceland, and ferries to remote British islands, all for the sake of adventure. And all by myself.

If you haven’t tried solo travel yourself, or are making up your own excuses, here are my top three reasons why you should give it a go.

1. Solo travel lets you do things you’ve always wanted to do

There are so many trips I wouldn’t have taken, adventures I wouldn’t have had, and inspiring people I wouldn’t have met, if I waited around for a friend to go with me. Life is complicated. Your friends, family, and significant other will all have different bucket lists, budgets, and obligations. If you want to go somewhere, and you have the means to make it happen… GO! This is your only life, friends.

2. Solo travel makes you more open to meeting other people

Yes, this sounds counterintuitive, especially if you lean toward introvert like myself. Surely it’s easier to meet people if you have a buddy with you? This is what I always thought, until I tried solo travel. Turns out, solo travelers are that much more approachable. And because you’re only relying on yourself, you may even find you become more confident and outgoing. 

3. Solo travel lets you face your insecurities and vanquish them

When you solo travel, you obviously are going to spend a lot of time in your own company. You may have insecurities about meeting other people, about your own navigating or planning skills, and more. With every challenge solo travel gives you, it also gives you the opportunity to overcome that challenge and learn more about yourself. 

Have you ever tried solo travel? Have a trip planned sometime soon? Let us know in the comments!

Sarah Bence